Tin Knocker® Box & Pan Brake Model 2248

Tin Knocker Box & Pan Brake Model 2248

Durable and dependable! The TK box and pan brakes give you all the features you would expect from quality machines. Of all
steel welded construction, with adjustable truss bars and bronze bushings, these brakes are built to last. The brakes come
with removable apron angle and apron insert, permitting .25″ (6.35mm) reverse bends in lighter materials. The nose bar is
removable as well, and the brakes are equipped with a precise stop rod for repeat bends.

Capacity:   22 Ga. (.75mm)
Bend Length:   48″ (122cm)
Max Beam Lift:    7/8″ (2 mm)
Max box Depth:   3″ (76mm)
Min. Reverse Bend:   5/16 (7.9mm)
Min. Flange:   3/8″ (9.5mm)
Dimensions:   Approx. 64″L x 28″ W x 32″H)
Weight:    Approx. 356 lbs
Tin Knocker Box & Pan Brake Model 2248