Tin Knocker Model 816 Leaf Brake

Tin Knocker offers 8′ sheet metal brakes of 16 gauge capacities. These are industrial quality brakes, the kind you use over a lifetime.
Another Tin Knocker example, showing that top quality doesn’t have to cost more. Check out these specifications and features. Our straight
brakes set the standard for quality and affordability.

Both models include these outstanding features:

  • Spring steel nose bar for long lasting durable service
  • Bronze bushed pivot points with lube zirks
  • Heavy plate fabricated frame
  • Full length stiffening bar to bend to capacity
  • Rebuildable design (brass bushings)
Capacity:16 Ga
Bend Length:8’1″
Beam Lift:2 1/4″
Bolt On Apron AngleIncl
Counter Weight:Incl
Weight: 2480 lbs
Depth of Box or Pan:2″ 3 sides
Tin Knocker Model 816 Leaf Brake