Tin Knocker 1524 Spot Welder

At last, a Heavy Duty, Industrial Quality Spot Welder, at a Price that you can afford!

Foot Operated
Water cooled (prep)
Swivel Arms
Swivel Foot Pedal
Universal Reversible Double End Arms, 90 & 22 Degrees
Vertically Adjustable Lower Arms
6 Point Heat Selector
1″ Quick Release Tip Holders w/ No. 2 Morse Tape Sockets
(2) No. 2 Conical, 5/8″ Dia. Alloy Tips

Capacity:2 Pieces of 16 Ga. Mild Steel
Arms:15 KVA x 24″ / 1 3/4″ Dia.
Max. Space Between Arms:5-11″
Approx. Weight: 750 lbs
Tin Knocker 1524 Spotwelder