Baileigh SW-84 5 Station Ironworker

Baileigh SW-84 5 Station Ironworker
Punching Pressure84 Tons75 Tons
Punch Capacity1.125″ x .875″28 mm x 22 mm
(Diameter x Thickness)2″ x .5″50 mm x 12 mm
Throat Depth12.25″310 mm
Max Stroke Length3″75 mm
Cycles / Min38
Working Height Up to Die43.5″1100 mm
Flat Shearing
Flat Bar Shearing15.75″ x .625″400 mm x 16 mm
(Width x Thickness)
Blade Length16.125″410 mm
Angle Flange Trim4″100 mm
Working Height33.5″850 mm
Angle Shearing
Shearing Capacity121 Tons110 Tons
Shearing Stroke Length2″50 mm
At 90° Shearing5.125″ x 5.125″ x .5″130 mm x 130 mm x 12 mm
Working Height44″1106 mm
Bar Shearing
Round Bar Shear�1.75″45 mm
Square Bar Shear1.75″ x 1.75″45 mm x 45 mm
Working Height48″1225 mm
Rectangular Notcher (W x D x T)2″ x 3.5″ x .5″50.8 mm x 90 mm x 12 mm
Working Height44″1100 mm
Special Tooling
Large V-Notcher (Side x Side x T)5.75″ x 5.75″ x .375*145 mm x 145 mm x 10 mm*
Vee-Notcher (Side x Side x T)3.5″ x 3.5″ x .5″*90 mm x 90 mm x 12 mm*
Single Vee Press Brake (L x T)9.875″ x .625″*250 mm x 15 mm*
Multi-Vee Press Brake (L x T)19.625″ x .187″*500 mm x 5 mm*
Angle Bending*4″ x .312″*102 mm x 8 mm*
Pipe Notching*2.5″*63.5 mm*
Channel Shear
I Beams Shear
Electric Power (HP)7.5 HP
Net Weight (Apr.)5,060 lbs2300 kg
* Optional Tooling – See your Baileigh Rep
Based on material tensile strength of 65,000 PSI.
Design subject to change without notice.