Oliver Ace Model 300HD Grinder


No competitive machine can come close to matching the Oliver ACE for payout on capital invested. Set-up and grinding times are at an absolute minimum to give increased output from your cutter grinding department. The ACE is simple and fool-proof to operate. All readings are made on a direct basis and it is not necessary to make intricate computations. This eliminates the need for skilled cutter and tool grinders with a consequent reduction in labor cost for each reconditioned tool.

The construction of the model 300HD cannot be matched by any competitive unit from either a quality or maintenance standpoint.

  • All of the sensitive areas are above the grinding line and away from any grit or abrasive matter. In addition, the ways are all enclosed in a dust tight bellows type enclosure to insure maximum life.
  • The ram reciprocates on balls riding on several hardened ways with only fingertip pressure required for movement.
  • A precision type permanently lubricated grinding wheel spindle is supplied. Radial thrust ball bearings are used in combination with a spring pre-load system to give you one of the best grinding spindles in the industry.
  • The work spindle is hardened and ground and is complete with a special feature – a 24 division index plate for those jobs where fingers are difficult to use.


Oliver Recipromatic II Automatic Tool & Cutter Grinder

This machine was designed for fast and precise automatic grinding to sharpen and/or manufacture a wide variety of cutters which includes gear cutters, milling cutters, end mills, counterbores, spot facers and circular saws in both carbide and high speed steel.

  • Variable Index – Right or left hand cutters
  • Variable Stock Removal Rates – For heavy or light cuts
  • Variable Total Stock Removal – With automatic shut-off
  • Variable Wheel Travel Rates – For roughing and finishing cuts
  • Variable Clearance Angles – Obtained by direct reading
  • Variable Length of Stroke – Eliminates waste motion
  • Variable Angles – Easy compound settings