Oliver Automatic CV Joint Grinder

The Oliver Automatic CV Joint Grinder has been designed for fast, precise, automatic grinding of the ball tracks of a constant velocity joint. One machine can be set up to grind the inner and outer ball tracks of the joint in two different setups or a dedicated machine can grind just one part of the joint.

Rebuilders can correct worn out joint to more precision than new in many cases. All six balls and grooves when ground on our machines will do equal work creating a smoother running and much longer lasting joint.

Due to the automatic grinding cycle, the operator is free to set up the next part and/or run more than one machine.

Because of machine rigidity, high horsepower, CBN plated grinding wheels and high pressure coolant, full depth stock removal can be accomplished in one pass grinding. This means the grind cycle time for the two parts of the CV joint is less than five minutes total.

Options include coolant mist collection system and special low priced gages are available.

The machine comes equipped with a 60 PSI water soluble coolant system with a Whirlstream Hydrocyclone Filtration unit. With this state-of-the-art coolant system, no heat is generated in the grinding process eliminating the possibility of overheating the ball groove and annealing the part.

Package is complete with an air operated hydraulic system.

The latest technology in CBN grinding wheels is used on this machine. Special coating and make up of the wheel blank is used to enhance chip removal and provide a longer lasting wheel. Wheel blanks can be stripped and recoated up to four times.

Oliver CV Joint Puller

The CV joint and shaft are separated on this very powerful and fast machine. It develops up to 30,000 lbs of clamping and pulling power. The cycle time for clamping and pulling is less than ten seconds. No more hammering and/or breaking out cages with this workhorse.


CV Joint Checking GagesS

CV Joint Inner Race Checking Gauge
This gauge will quickly and accurately check for proper stock removal. This bench mounted spring loaded cross roller slide gauge is the best gauge available to check inner races.

CV Joint Combination Outer and Inner Race Checking Gauge
This gauge will quickly and accurately check for proper stock removal. This hand held gauge has a spring loaded cross roller slide for long durability. It measures within one thousandths of an inch (millimeter gauge available).